The Runner and the Saint

Queen of Stars

The Runner and the Kelpie

Irona 700

Award News

I’m thrilled to hear that my King of Swords is a finalist for the 2014 Endeavour Award.

Humble Bundle

Here’s something different in promotions:

Briefly: you pay whatever you want to get an amazing collection of Science Fictions titles from Open Road! A percentage of your payment is donated to charities (First Book and the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of American Emergency Medical Fund). My most successful novel The Reluctant Swordsman is in there, plus notables by umpteen top writers.

Up and Running!

The third book of the “Runner” trilogy is available on Amazon (which has jumped the gun a bit, as it often does). Read an extract  here.


Another great cover

Jeff Minkevics has come up with another grand cover for the third book about Ivor of Glenbroch: The Runner and the Kelpie.  Due out on or about August 1.Cover

Delayed in Transit

Open Read Media’s purchase of E-Reads seems to be more or less compete, but has resulted in some delays. E-Reads was publisher of 31 of my e-book titles, plus 28 of those in POD format.  Some of the PODs are not currently available but will be released shortly. (The 3-title discrepancy is made up of West of JanuaryPock’s World, and Wildcatter.  All of these are available in trade paperback.

Regrettably, publication of Irona 700 has been postponed until late 2014. She seems to have a curse on her. It’s five years since I started writing that book!

Audible troubles

A helpful posting on this blog by fan Miriam has warned me that the audio version of Queen of Stars lacks the last couple of chapters.  I have informed the publisher of this and will advise when the problem has been corrected.

Open Ended

Writers should not read their reviews, but I confess that I do, and I suspect I am not alone in practicing this vice.  I note that several readers of Queen of Stars predict a third book to follow.  They have not checked this webpage, which clearly states that there will not be one.  THIS IS A TWO-BOOK TRILOGY!

Cover up!

The second adventure of Ivor the runner is due out on March 1st.  As you can see in the sidebar, Jeff Minkevics has given him another superb cover.

Release dates released!

Queen of Stars will be released in ebook (Kindle only, I’m afraid) on 21st January, and in paperback on 28th January.  Both versions are available now for pre-order.

The Runner and the Saint is scheduled for March 1st.

(And I have turned in the MS for the third and final story about Ivor of Glenbroch, The Runner and the Kelpie.  This is tentatively scheduled for August 1st.)