Queen of Stars

The Runner and the Wizard

The Runner and the Saint

Irona 700

Audible troubles

A helpful posting on this blog by fan Miriam has warned me that the audio version of Queen of Stars lacks the last couple of chapters.  I have informed the publisher of this and will advise when the problem has been corrected.

Open Ended

Writers should not read their reviews, but I confess that I do, and I suspect I am not alone in practicing this vice.  I note that several readers of Queen of Stars predict a third book to follow.  They have not checked this webpage, which clearly states that there will not be one.  THIS IS A TWO-BOOK TRILOGY!

Cover up!

The second adventure of Ivor the runner is due out on March 1st.  As you can see in the sidebar, Jeff Minkevics has given him another superb cover.

Release dates released!

Queen of Stars will be released in ebook (Kindle only, I’m afraid) on 21st January, and in paperback on 28th January.  Both versions are available now for pre-order.

The Runner and the Saint is scheduled for March 1st.

(And I have turned in the MS for the third and final story about Ivor of Glenbroch, The Runner and the Kelpie.  This is tentatively scheduled for August 1st.)

Canadian SF Books for Gifts?

SFCanada, the association of Canadian writers who (always or sometimes) write Speculative Fiction, has a special bookshop on Amazon.ca for paper editions.  (I imagine every one of these titles is also available on Kindle and likely on other platforms also.  The link is here: SFC BOOKSTORE.

Happy shopping!

A WOW! cover

I love this cover art by Chase Stone for my next book, due out in January.  It really jumps off the screen at you.QoS cover



I am very happy to announce that I have sold a standalone fantasy novel, Irona 700, to Richard Curtis at E-Reads (which published my Death of Nnanji). This one might best be described as a political fantasy, something out of my usual line, and it will be my fiftieth published book.

There are various ways of counting that. My “King’s Daggers” trilogy was later released as an anthology, The Monster War. I call that three books, but it could be counted as either one or four. And I haven’t included The Runner and the Wizard because there’s more about Ivor still to come.

And after that?  Time will tell.

Running Right Along…

I’ve turned in the MS for Book Two of the “Ivor of Glenbroch” teen series and am about halfway through the third (and final) book.  I won’t give you a title for that one, though, because Five Rivers might get to hear of it and send me a contract.  Then I would dry up like the Aral Sea.  I can work with a verbal understanding, but signed papers kill me.


Queen of Teases

I just posted an extract from Queen of Stars to further tantalize those who have read King of Swords and want to know what happens next. Roll on January!

Home is the sailor…

We had a great time on our cruise, and I strongly recommend Scenic.  I was enormously impressed by the work that has been done canalizing the rivers of Europe–between Amsterdam and Budapest we passed through 68 locks, some of them 25 meters deep.  After we came home, I had only two days to get ready for V-Con, in Vancouver, and arrived there in a sort of mental mist.  When I tried to excuse myself by explaining that I was suffering from jet lag, people gave me odd looks, asking if that was caused by my trip from Victoria (which takes 15 minutes).  Anyway, both King of Swords and The Runner and the Wizard were successfully launched without me, and seem to be doing quite well.