The Runner and the Saint

The Runner and the Kelpie

Irona 700

Queen of Stars

The Spin Cycle

Some books seem to get caught in the dryer and go round and round for ever. I’ve had it happen before, but Irona 700 is an outstanding example.  I have now been assured that it will be published in the second quarter of 2015, which will be six years after I started writing it.  Better late than never, they do say.

Good news

Today I received a summons for jury duty.  A few years ago I would have complied cheerfully (I did once before) but now I felt my attention span was getting too short and I might fall asleep in the jury box.  So I filled out the web form politely declining on account of my age.  The reply I got back said I was excused and the explanation given was: TOO OLD, ONE-TIME EXEMPTION. So it is now official that the government expects me to get younger.