The Eye of Strife

Magic Casement

The Gilded Chain

The Reluctant Swordsman

Another masterpiece…

eye_of_strife2g…of Cover Art from Jeff Minkevics.  I’ll leave the quality of the book itself up to your judgment, Reader Friends.  The book should be available by the end of this month, and can be pre-ordered now from Five Rivers.

Making Progress

The wheels are turning. My fantasy stand-alone, The Eye of Strife, will be out some time in March.  And Irona 700 is definitely scheduled for mid-August. It feel like a long drought since Queen of Stars was published in January 2014.

The Curse Strikes Again

Thanks to a freak accident to the copy-edited MS, the publication date for Irona 700 has been put off again, this time until until August.  That’s August 2015, I hope.  I started writing this almost six years ago and sent it to my agent two years ago. Patience is a virtue in a writer!


Open Roads has a January special on my Magic Casement (Book 1 of “A Man of His Word”)  for $1.99. The theme of the promotion is Coming of Age, and this, the first book of eventually eight, shows Rap and Inos doing just that.

He’s Still At It…

I am very happy to announce that Five Rivers Publishing will put out a new Dave Duncan fantasy as early as March 1st. The Eye of Strife is a short standalone novel, written in one of my zanier moods.

The Monster War

“Tales of the King’s Blades” was so popular that my publisher asked me to write a parallel YA series, and so “The King’s Daggers” were born. YA books in those pre-Hogwarts days were very short, and when the time came to reissue them in digital form, I asked for them to be combined into an omnibus, The Monster War. They fill a gap in The Gilded Chain story, and unless you are addicted to steamy sex or bad language, you will find them a comparable read. The last book, Silvercloak, included a map of Ironhall, the Blades’ school, which you will find this at the bottom of the MAPS section here.

Cream of the Cream

If you haven’t read all of my books (yes, there are still some of you out there, I know) and are wondering which one to try next, I here offer my take on the best of the best. Without question, my most popular series have been: the 4 books of “The Seventh Sword”, the 8 books of “A Man of His Word” plus its sequel, “A Handful of Men”, and the 7 books about “The King’s Blades”. The starter novels are, respectively, The Reluctant Swordsman, Magic Casement, and The Gilded Chain.  Happy Reading, yu’all!